“They say it best.”

VPS is all about effective management solutions and training. How do we know if our services are effective? We measure the results. And so do our clients. Read what just a few of them have to say about their experience at Veterinary Practice Solutions.

"VPS has given me complete control of my practice. It is truly the equivalent of a veterinary specific MBA program.”"

-Dr. Andy Mencarelli

"VPS has shown us how to expand our practice 20% in difficult economic times. We continue to attract 70 new clients a month. VPS has shown us how to hire high-toned staff who are motivated as part of a team."

-Dr. David Marlow

"The Personal Integrity Course really made me take a good look at my own life, my own code of honor, and what my own ethics are, but more important than that was the need for every business or family to instill the importance of their own personal ethics and integrity in their staff, family, or children. It is never too early or too late to put your ethics in. It is your right and your duty to have the integrity to put in place a code that you live by in your day to day life. …For my overall health I need to have Personal Integrity in place."

-Colleen Davis, Practice Manager, Personal Integrity Course

"So much of my life up until now has been a series of dreams, plans; so many of which have failed to come to fruition.  Now I know why.

All I had were plans, without the actual structure or series of necessary steps to make those plans a reality.

I am excited to utilize these tools; whether they be applied to a goal of cleaning out the garage, making sure I have the garden this summer, that vacation, lifestyle, clean office or secure retirement. I just have to work through each step, one-by-one and finally get there."

-Janelle Walker, DVM, Practice Owner, Policy and Planning Addendum

"Reading the statistics properly and knowing how to apply the formulas will make goal setting and Battle plans much easier to do. Learning different ways to communicate well with your staff was also very informative."

-Lynn Armstrong, Dir. Admin, Breaking The Code

"This course is the catalyst for the beginnings of change and growth of our practice. It outlines the process we need to follow, and if we do, there is no reason we can’t attain our goals."

-Shelagh Morrison, DVM, Formulas for Business Success

"I really enjoyed this course because it solidified a lot of ideas I already had about human behavior and also taught me far better ways to deal with certain specific situations… I think that the new skills for handling antagonism will be very helpful on a day to day basis because I think this is a tone a lot of people can slide into easily in a work environment. Also, I thought the third party law was very interesting; I have never given a lot of thought about the role of others in a quarrel, but it makes a lot of sense given the quarrels that sometimes start in the workplace."

-Dr. Tanya Burtis, DVM, Practice Owner, Waxhaw Animal Hospital, NC

"This course has really defined the parts of how to plan for the future & more importantly how to put those plans into action.  This has always been a problem for me.  So I now feel much more comfortable in making plans become an actuality."

-Dr. Rob Stables, DVM Practice Owner, Bow Valley veterinary Clinic, AB

"I found the “Improving Business through Communication” to be very helpful for me in the clinic and everyday life.  It will not be at all hard for me to apply this course.  I have found myself already analyzing communication between my conversations and those around me."

-Veronica Branch, Dir. Admin, Tabbs Creek Animal Hospital, NC

"I finished the Client Compliance Builder course 2 months ago and have seen excellent results in the increase shown in the average client transaction.  In real terms, the increase has been 10.2% which resulted in an increase in income for the year of $141,857.00. This course has been an excellent investment!  I can highly recommend this to anyone looking for that extra boost to reach a higher level of productivity."

-Dr. David Marlow, Brookswood Veterinary Hospital

"This course is of tremendous help in getting the technology of Organization. Going on principles of this course, one should not have any difficulty with organization & will be of great help in improving production & state of business."

-Dr. Sukhpal Gill, DVM Practice Owner, Basic Organization Course

"This course is a great review of the conditions and the formulas one must apply to each. It gives really good examples and expansions on the philosophies and everyday applications. Furthermore, it really defines where you sit in all aspects of your life and where your peers and co-workers tend to sit and – most importantly – how to change those situations if they are not favorable."

-Dr. Andy Mencarelli, DVM, Ethics for Business Survival Course

"How to get along with others is a fantastic course! Wow! There is a lot to observe and learn about individuals and how they can affect your environment and the people around you. This will be a very useful tool and one I will use not only in the workplace but in every day to day living."

-Cindee Burns, AHT, How To Get Along With Others Course

"This course was helpful to me in understanding people’s behavior and identifying their motivation. Understanding why people act the way they do will help me in my own interaction with them and give me some skills to help…"

-Dr. Jason McGillivray, DVM, Ups and Downs in Life Course

"Things learned in this course are so pertinent to professional and daily life. I’ve learned so much that can be put to use now. I certainly expect to do a much better job in handling my staff in a much more satisfactory way using these new skills."

-Dr. Evelyn Bock, DVM, Practice Owner, Ups and Downs in Life Course

"This course has really defined the parts of how to plan for the future & more importantly how to put those plans into action. This has always been a problem for me. So I now feel much more comfortable in making plans become an actuality."

-Dr. Rob Stables, DVM Practice Owner, Bow Valley Veterinary Clinic, Brooks, AB

"I have recognized and better understood my strengths and weaknesses of communication. I have improved my weaknesses and solidified my strengths. By having each phase + type of communication broken out and worked through on a gradient I have been able to improve at each skill and now have the tech to continue to improve. I intend to keep practicing these drills and using this tech each day in practice."

-Dr. Jason McGillivray, DVM, Kamloops Large Animal Veterinary Clinic, Kamloops, BC

"The course is helpful in identifying the qualities of effective leadership & shows the benefits of having good leaders in any business. It points out key ingredients a good leader should have to have effective administration & management. Overall a good course that will improve the management & leadership skills of an executive."

-Dr. Sukhpal Gill, DVM, Clearwater Animal Hospital, Windsor ON

"I have successfully completed Breaking the Code formerly known as Basic Hat for Employees. I have been exposed to many exciting tools through this course – some I can start at home immediately and some to grow. This course was like cutting a path through the forest."

-Dr. Evelyn Bock, DVM, Practice Owner, Southwick Veterinary Hospital, St. Louis, MO

"Improving Business Through Communication helped me realize that I do have weaknesses in how I communicate and gave me the tools to improve them. They will help in everyday dealings with clients & making communication more efficient."

-Dr. Colin Mikkelsen, DVM, Practice Owner

"This course was phenomenal. It really emphasizes & highlights what was missing from our practice. We had no organization… & as owners we would single hand so many things that should not have been our concern. Moving forward is going to be a pleasure!"

-Dr. Rob Stables, DVM Practice Owner, Bow Valley Veterinary Clinic, Brooks, AB

"This program has helped our hospital become more organized. The process has enlightened our staff to the fact that everyone has hats and if everyone wears their hats properly, our operation runs smoother and our stats improve. This translates into happier, more satisfied clients, better medicine for our patients and a healthier bottom line."

-Dr. Karen C. Miller, DVM, Practice Manager; Lincolnton Animal Hospital, Lincolnton, NC

"This course gives you the tools needed to put together a great team. Allows you to hire the right people to start off with and if you do come across a problem, gives you the information on how to solve them."

-Jim Youngblood, Practice Manager, Spring Creek Animal Hospital, San Antonio, TX

"We had a highest ever month in March, and again in May. The key to our success has been working on the flow of clients and patients from the time they enter to the time they leave. Each step is laid out and each person knows where their job begins and ends. My staff is operating wonderfully as a team with the goal of quality care and personal follow up. Nearly every client has their next appointment booked when they leave. Every new client gets a follow up call to handle any questions. It’s added greatly to our success!"

-Dr. Robin Woodley, DVM, Practice Owner, Kapaau Veterinary Center, Kapaau, HI

"How to get along with others is a fantastic course! Wow! There is a lot to observe and learn about individuals and how they can affect your environment and the people around you. This will be a very useful tool and one I will use not only in the workplace but in every day to day living."

-Cindee Burns, FT AHT, Bow Valley Veterinary Clinic, Brooks, AB

"Optimistic, eternally hopeful, you know. You know, the big thing that motivated us to do this I think is that you’re in control of what’s going on and that the practice is not controlling you."

-Dr. Tim Maarhuis, Cottonwood Veterinary Practice

"Sleeping better! I think that’s the main thing. I do feel less stressed; I feel like even if we have a bad week I’m not obsessing about it. I have a plan, I know how to deal with it and I can move forward from there. The next week we’ll see the improvements and I can feel positive about that."

-Dr. Ellen Colwell, Sykesville Veterinary Clinic

"We had no time for the family and we were exhausted by the end of the week. Now we’re happy at work and we have time for other things in life!"

-MA, Practice Manager, Owner

"We are now better able to communicate with our staff."

-TA, DVM, Practice Owner

"We’re working together now for happy clients, happy animals and happy staff, and it’s working!"

-TA, DVM, Practice Owner

"I feel like the sky is the limit – the future of the clinic is wherever I want it to go."

-TA, DVM, Practice Owner

"We had a ‘toxic practice’. Now everyone’s happier and productivity is up too."

-RN, DVM, Practice Owner

"We were so disorganized… I looked at ‘band-aid’ consultants but VPS offered the whole package where I would be trained as well as helped. Now I know I can expand my practice."

-KA, DVM, Practice Owner

"The program is a nice easy series of steps – you automatically start using it. The Formulas for Business Success was great and worked right away."

-YW, DVM, Practice Owner

"With the training from VPS I can now interview someone and know within half an hour if they are right for the job."

-DM, DVM, Practice Owner

"The Formulas for Business Success course is incredible… one of the most insightful business courses I have had the pleasure of studying."

-VA, DVM, Practice Owner

"I’m really excited to take all that I just learned and try it out. I can’t wait to see the results in the clinic. And it’s a bonus that I can also use these skills in my personal life."

-CM, Practice Office Manager

"We have been working with PBS for approximately one year and our sales have gone up 57% over last year."

-HG, DVM, Practice Owner

"I would highly recommend it. It helps with every aspect of managing and running a veterinary practice."

-KR, DVM, Practice Owner

"The seminar gave me some very practical tips that will help me increase my client base. Thanks to Dr. Joel and staff for this effective seminar."

-AS, DVM, Practice Owner

"The biggest problem in my practice was that I didn’t feel in CONTROL… Now I do certain weekly actions and there has been a definite improvement. Business is up 40% over last year and I feel great about the future!"

-BG, DVM, Practice Owner

"I was frustrated trying to grow my practice using “traditional” techniques. Now I have a new perspective and the data to turn my practice around."

-YW, DVM, Practice Owner

"I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel which gives me a little more drive to go back into that office and practice medicine and do the things that I should’ve been doing a long time ago."

-GM, DVM, Practice Owner

"If you have issues with organization, if you have issues with the financial management of your practice, if you have issues with managing the personnel of your practice, if you have issues with balancing your practice life with your personal life, then this program is something you need to look at."

-GC, DVM, Practice Owner

"It really can improve a lot of different pieces of your business life and personal life."

-YC, Practice Manager, Owner

"I definitely enjoy going to work a lot more now than I did a year and a half ago. I’m much more at ease at work, less stressed – I’m just happier in general."

-KR, DVM, Practice Owner

"I just feel really good about being a practice owner now because I know exactly what to do."

-DB, DVM, Practice Owner

"I think it’s really important and vital that you know this information if you think you’re going to run a business."

-DH, DVM, Practice Owner

"Before I felt like the practice owned me. But as a practice owner, it’s brought me back to the point where I really enjoy owning a practice."

-CT, DVM, Practice Owner

"We have seen a tremendous growth rate in spite of the fact that the economy has been – for everybody else – down. We are looking at numbers that we never even thought of making before."

-ST, DVM, Practice Owner

"I think that this gives a great view of managing people, managing staff, and becoming an owner and executive of your business."

-DH, DVM, Practice Owner

"We have a huge practice but we couldn’t keep up. This is really going to make a difference because I think if we didn’t do this, we would have fallen apart."

-SH, Practice Manager, Owner

"Last week was one of the highest weeks of the year, so I guess they did quite well without me! Consider that the future!"

-JT, DVM, Practice Owner