Practice Profit Builder Course

How to Improve Profits in Your Veterinary Practice

Some people think that having a profitable practice depends on how much you make and how much you spend. True, that’s the simple answer. But you can only raise prices and reduce expenses so far. Real profitability depends on two things:

  • How you manage your practice, and
  • How you manage your money.

Your services could be priced higher than anyone in town, you could do excellent work, have plenty of clients, and operate somewhat frugally. But you may still wonder how you’re going to pay the bills, invest in expansion, take a vacation, spend less time at the office, or even retire!

Your practice is your best investment, but only if you are making a profit.

Our Practice Profit Builder teaches you everything you need to know to turn your practice into a profit center.

What Are the Most Effective Ways to Increase Profits?

Sometimes increasing profits involves money directly, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Here’s the short list of what you have to know:

  • The basics of management – a badly managed practice hemorrhages money
  • Which areas of your practice are efficient, which aren’t, and how you bring the inefficient areas up to par
  • How many clients you need to see, and in what period of time
  • How many new clients you need every week
  • How much you need to charge
  • What your expenses are exactly, and what should they be if you’re going to manage things properly and taking care of everything that should be done
  • Setting up payment plans – should you, and if so, how?
  • How much accounts receivable is healthy?
  • How do you manage collections?
  • How do you combat seasonal lows and cope with seasonal highs?
  • How do you decide on your spending priorities?
  • How do you ensure you always have extra money?
  • How to keep financial emergencies or surprises from turning things upside down

Again, that’s the shortlist. And you will learn all of that, and more, in the Practice Profit Builder.

Do you know the answers to those questions?

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Can’t I Just Increase Profits by Finding Out How to Improve Productivity and Efficiency?

Absolutely. Both those things are key. The more that gets done in a given period of time, and without having to do something over again because of low quality, the higher your profit potential.

But how you manage your money is also pivotal.

  • How much do you need to make?
  • How much can you spend?
  • And what, exactly, should you spend your money on so it will make you more money?

Look at your practice as a retirement fund. No matter how long you’ve been in practice – two years or 20 – that’s something you need to be planning for.

Our Practice Profit Builder will turn your practice into a business investment that will allow you to retire comfortably.

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