Power Team Builder Course


Building a High Performance Team Increases Staff Accountability, Staff Motivation

Do you sometimes feel like you’re the only one who cares?

It’s easy to get that idea when staff seem to be blaming each other for the things that don’t get done correctly, when nothing seems to motivate them, and when staff meetings that are supposed to resolve problems turn into everyone’s opportunity to complain.

But it is possible to build a team that is really personally invested in the success of the practice and works together to achieve it.

"We had a highest ever month in March, and again in May. The key to our success has been working on the flow of clients and patients from the time they enter to the time they leave. Each step is laid out and each person knows where their job begins and ends. My staff is operating wonderfully as a team with the goal of quality care and personal follow up."

-RW, DVM, Practice Owner

What Does It Take to Build a High Performance Team?

Of course, it all starts with the right staff. They don’t have to be brilliant, but they do have to have good bones. We’ll teach you how to choose those staff and, with the rest of the program, those good bones will grow into motivated, accountable staff who can work as a team.

Next is understanding the basics of administration and management and how the group coordinates and cooperates to work together as a team.

There’s more to being a good employee than knowing how to do your own job. You also have to know how to do your job in a way that supports others in the group so they can do theirs.

Have you ever heard front office staff complaining that the back office staff aren’t doing their jobs? Or aren’t doing them well?

The Power Team Builder Workshop will put an end to blaming others. Your staff will be truly accountable, and will realize that how they do their job affects others.

Veterinary Staff Motivation – I’ve Tried Everything. What Do I Do?

It’s hard to get and stay motivated when you don’t really feel like things are coordinated and under control.

Even when you set up staff bonuses for reaching certain goals, it takes a team to meet those goals, not just a bunch of people working alone or, sometimes, even against each other.

Each person in the group is dependant upon the others in the group to be able to get their own metrics moving in the right direction so they can earn and collect those bonuses.

They need each other. Collections can’t bill more without an increase in the services delivered, and without happy customers. Service staff can’t increase the number of people they’re servicing, or the number of services they deliver, without the front desk making people welcome and ensuring they have appointments. The person in charge of bringing new clients in the door has a very hard time doing her job if the front desk makes clients feel unwelcome or the service staff don’t deliver excellent, friendly service. The front desk can’t schedule follow-up appointments if the client wasn’t happy with the appointment he just had. And so on.

It takes a team to build a booming practice. And, believe me, once you have your employees really operating as a team, motivation won’t be a problem.

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