New Client Builder Course


Does Your Veterinary Marketing Get You 30 – 40 New Clients A Month for Each DVM?

If not, there’s something wrong.

A lot of veterinary practice owners simply hang out their shingle and wait for new clients to walk through the door. We call this the “Order-Taking” style of practice.  Others do a lot of marketing, but still don’t get enough new clients. A healthy practice gets 30 – 40 new clients a month for each full time DVM. If that doesn’t describe your practice, we can help you.

"I wanted to let you know that just one month (after the NEW CLIENT BUILDER) we will have 50 new clients this month, most ever. Two months post we had 62 new clients this month. Amazing, where have all these people been or been going?"

-JC, DVM Practice Owner

"I think it’s a really great program.  You are fully of really, really great, cost effective ideas.  I think you’ve given me a lot of work to do.  I am ready for the challenge.  It’s been helpful for the web stuff. The pricing ideas and scripts for referrals is really good. I think it is fantastic.  One the best things you bring is your DVM."

-KB, DVM Practice Owner

"We have seen a tremendous growth rate in spite of the fact that the economy has been – for everybody else – down. We are looking at numbers that we never even thought of making before."

-ST, DVM, Practice Owner

"We have seen a tremendous growth rate in spite of the fact that the economy has been – for everybody else – down. We are looking at numbers that we never even thought of making before."

-ST, DVM, Practice Owner

I’ve Tried Veterinary Marketing and It Didn’t Work for Me

If that’s the case, you’re not alone. Many practices have tried everything from Yellow Pages to referral programs to pet fairs and websites and still haven’t been very successful.

Why? Because letting people know you’re there isn’t enough. It’s a vital first step, but then what?

The next step is research. Do you know what do you have to say, exactly, to get potential new clients to call and make an appointment?

You’ll learn the basic laws of market research and be walked through every step of conducting this research with the New Client Builder.

What About the Internet? Can I Get New Clients on the Internet?

Yes. And so many people are using the Internet these days that it can be one of your most productive sources of new clients. The New Client Builder teaches you SEO and social media basics so you can use these powerful tools successfully.

What Exactly Is Veterinary SEO and Veterinary Social Media?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When someone looks on the Internet to find a vet, they use a search engine – like Google. They type in what they’re looking for, using a variety of different words or phrases. If they can’t find you using those words or phrases, they’re not going to call and the business goes to your competitor.

Veterinary social media is also very important. Facebook is a good example. Do you have a Facebook page? Do you know what to say on it to attract customers?

Online reviews are also very important. How do you get them? How do you manage them?

With the New Client Builder you’ll learn the basics of SEO, Social Media, website design and other Internet tools so you can really use them to your advantage!

What Else Does It Take to Make Veterinary Marketing Successful?

How you manage your practice is also important – if your practice is not managed well, you will lose new clients even if they’re coming through the door.

Public relations – managing your image so your practice is well thought of – is also an important element.

With the New Client Builder, you get everything you need to successfully promote and get the phone ringing.

The basics of practice management and public relations.

The laws of market research and how to do research that results in promotion that really speaks to potential new clients.

How to use veterinary SEO, veterinary social media, and other invaluable Internet tools.

How successful are you at handling Shoppers?

Since 2007 client visits to veterinary practice have been dropping while client access more information from the internet.

Often clients ‘shop’ practices by calling around with an educated opinion on what they want.  Often they are met with a sales pitch on how great your practice is yet don’t convert to an actual appointment in your practice.

The New Client Builder details out how to successfully handle 98% of these calls and get them into your practice to services.

Low-cost Clinics got you troubled?

Low-cost spay and neuter clinics are becoming a fact of life in many communities.  Like some practice owners you may chose to turn a blind-eye to these and fall-back on hoping your good clients will come to you for regular medicine.

Research shows that even good clients will try these services and in some cases not return to you.  Do not sit back on your reputation.  Communities are changing rapidity and what worked 10 years ago may not work today.

Do the New Client Builder and learn how to professionally compete in this new era of veterinary medicine.

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