Client Compliance Builder Course


Effective Communication Skills in Business Increase Client Compliance and Boom Your Practice

Imagine what your veterinary practice would be like if:

Believe it or not, these are all functions of communication.

"I needed my clients to comply with my recommendations and they did! And my Average Client Transaction jumped 10.2% with a corresponding jump in profit of $141,875!!"


If you’re overworked, underpaid, or both, as a practice owner, getting your clients to agree to and fully comply with a treatment program designed with their pets’ best interests in mind could completely turn things around.

Control your practice instead of it controlling you.

Find out how the Client Compliance Builder Course can

boom your practice, boom your profits,

and make going to work every day a joyous occasion.

How Can Effective Communication with Clients Make a Difference?

With the economy in the shape it’s in, some people are afraid to spend money. But much of that is due to the fact that they don’t really understand why they should.

It isn’t that they haven’t been told. Of course you, or someone in the office, have already told them that if they don’t get their pet’s teeth cleaned or, it could lead to all kinds of health problems down the road. And the pamphlets in the waiting room say the same thing.

They’ve also been told that older pets need to get blood tests at least once a year to monitor their health and prevent anything serious.

And so on.

They said they understood. But they didn’t book the appointment.

Why not?

That’s exactly the type of thing you’re going to learn to deal with successfully in the Client Compliance Builder Course.

Have you had trouble getting your point across and getting your clients’ agreement with treatment plans?

Will The Client Compliance Builder Course Help Me Get Compliance from Staff Too?

The communication skills learned in the Client Compliance Builder Course will actually help you with any work or life situation in which skillful communication can influence the outcome.

In the process of learning how to present and sell a medical care plan to your clients and how to book new and returning clients and get them to stick to the program and schedule, you will also learn how to communicate effectively to staff so you will get their agreement and compliance as well.

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