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The Secret To Setting FeesDid you know that setting your fees too high OR too low could be costing you tens of thousands? One more question: What would you do with an extra $100,000 in your business account by the end of the year? Join us to learn the theory of setting fees and how to ensure your fees are appropriately set for your area.
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How To Find Really Good DVMSYour staff is essential to your business. Let’s be honest, A-level DVMs are not going to be attracted to less than A-level practices. Where does yours line up? Is there something you are unaware of that is turning DVMs away? Can you even AFFORD another DVM? Join us on this RACE approved webinar to learn the details on how to find and attract great doctors for your clinic.
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What The Heck Is EBTIDAHave you ever wondered what your practice is worth? Maybe you’re looking into the future and might want to sell one day. Maybe you’ve been working on it for a while and want to know just how profitable you are. Well, there is a thing called EBITDA that measures the profitability and efficiency of your practice. What the heck is EBITDA? Join us on this webinar and find out!
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Veterinary Practice Solutions (VPS) was founded by veterinarian and former 17 year private practice owner turned management consultant Dr. Joel Parker and Inc. 500 winning 35 year veteran management consultant Jeff Lee.

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